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08th Sep

Growth in manufacturing slowest in a year
September 2014 GDP figures show Britain’s manufacturing output saw the slowest growth since July 2013, making it 7.4% behind its level at the beginning of 2008. The next set of figures will tell whether this is a temporary situation or if manufacturing will soon join other sectors and move into more positive territory.  Being an important component of GDP and the balance of payments, the Government will not want to see manufacturing in the UK decline any further.  There are several things that can be done to aid the sector: Ensure good infrastructure and transport which avoids congestion and market failure.The A27 is a vital transport corridor along the South Coast but with ever increasing congestion, improvement is desperately needed if economic potential is to be realised. In answer to this, the group, A27 Action, has been set up by local businesses, council leaders and local Members of Parliament, to persuade Government investment  Provide good education and training for a skilled workforce Avoid excessive regulation which hampers investment and employment Reduce corporation tax rates (we live in hope!) Provide further tax breaks and support to encourage R&D Having recently won new contacts in both the UK and overseas markets, we are seeing strong growth at Tenkay and we are optimistic for the sector as a whole. As well as receiving large orders from the oil and gas industries (totalling £700,000 to ship in 2014), we have won a further 2-year contract in the electric vehicles market in the UK, and a further 3-year contract manufacturing looms and controls for high-end projectors in the US at an estimated value of $386,000 (£228,000). As export has been deemed essential for helping the recovery, we are certainly pleased to be playing our part. What this has shown us is that manufacturing growth comes, not just from Governmental support, but from knowing and understanding our customers’ needs – and delivering them. At Tenkay, we can take care of the complete manufacturing process for you, from procurement through to delivery, and tailor a bespoke solution that’s right for you. Have you decided to subcontract your manufacturing, or perhaps your current supplier is the wrong fit for you? We’d be more than happy to chat through your requirements, so please give us a call today on 01903 855 464. The Tenkay Steepdown Challenge We are proud to be sponsoring the Tenkay Steepdown Challenge organised by the Lancing Eagles.  This charity fun run of 1 or 5 miles at the Lancing Manor Leisure Centre, will take place on the 19th October to raise much needed funds for the Sussex 4x4 Response. We are also sponsoring the entrance fees for members of the Tenkay team who wish to take part.

10th Dec

Anthony D Parfitt
Futronics has earned a reputation for delivering the most innovative, reliable and feature rich products available in the emergency vehicle market and to the Home Office. This reputation is vital to our continued success and is something that our customers value highly and our competitors envy. Futronics is delighted that Tenkay continues to be a totally dependable part of its close-knit supply chain. The value of Tenkay's reliable, high quality manufacturing to Futronics is measured not in terms of financial transactions, but in the growing number of positive reactions from our customers. When asked to quote MTBF figures, Futronics can confidently quote that there are virtually no failures of any of the assemblies produced by Tenkay. Futronics would like to take this opportunity to thank Tenkay and all its staff who help to make our business the growing success that it is around the world today. Anthony D Parfitt Managing Director Futronics Group

12th Nov

Tenkay Steepdown Challenge
We are proud to be sponsoring the Tenkay Steepdown Challenge organised by the Lancing Eagles.  This charity fun run of 1 or 5 miles at the Lancing Manor Leisure Centre, will take place on the 19th October to raise much needed funds for the Sussex 4x4 Response. We are also sponsoring the entrance fees for members of the Tenkay team who wish to take part. There’s still plenty of time to get involved, so if you would like to join in or make a donation, please download and complete the entry form here.

12th Nov

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show
We're pleased to be exhibiting at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show on the 12-13 February 2014 where we're launching our new website! If you're thinking of attending we'd love to see you on our stand K62. To pre-register for your ticket, click here.

06th Nov

Paul Atherton
We have been a customer of Tenkay Electronics for about five years, and have always found them to be an extremely professional company. Delivery times are adhered to, and the few problems we have encountered, have been rectified quickly. We would have no hesitation in recommending them. Paul Atherton Technical Manager Carlton Beauty & Spa Ltd

06th Nov

Ian Holmes
Steve Dixon (MD) and his Tenkay management team (and his staff as a whole), provides all the strategic sourcing and subject matter expertise necessary to tackle a variety of complex manufacturing challenges associated with the evolving electric vehicle charge post market. They work well in a professional and friendly team environment, adapting their approach to fit the unique needs and culture of their customer, rather than trying to force a rigid process onto an organisation. Their staff are extremely well trained with broad skill sets that range from supplier/sourcing/negotiations engagement, to all aspects of high-end quality manufacturing. They also value and cultivate the "customer relationship", and that is seen in the professionalism of their interactions with Elektromotive staff. Elektromotive's need for near-shoring our manufacturing operations was a key decision in efficiently reaching our business goals. Tenkay continually support and work with our business to identify best practices, and progress builds to meet very tight timescales. We couldn't have asked for a better knowledgeable partner in this engagement. The bottom line is that they make new and legacy manufacturing easier and provide the complete "quality one stop shop" for all of our manufacturing needs. Ian Holmes Chief Technology Officer - CTO Elektromotive Case Study: Elektromotive Re-wiring the electronic vehicle world           

06th Nov

Andy O’Donnell
After some years of working with suppliers & subcontractors its nice to know that Tenkay are still there doing what they do well. Improving their service & offering new ideas to customers is something I take for granted. I have been doing business with Tenkay for close to 18 years, I have got to know many of the staff & Directors during this time. Some have moved on, some are new, but a lot of them are long serving. There have been many changes over these years, most of them have had a good positive affect on our business. We like dealing with Tenkay as they are willing to listen & react quickly when they need to. Good business is all about team work & Tenkay offer their customers the chance to join the team & get involved in making the production of products better. We see them as an extension to our own workshop. So thanks Team, keep moving forward. Andy O'Donnell Production Manager Stable Micro Systems Ltd Case Study: Stable Micro Systems Analysing Electronic Manufacturing

06th Nov

Daniel Williams
Edwards has faced new challenges these last five years with much of our operations moving overseas, managing significant upturns & downturns throughout. This has been a great challenge to our supply base. Tenkay has successfully supported our factory relocations, maintaining supply throughout with minimum management required. Edwards has been under considerable pressure to reduce costs. Tenkay have created & offered a LCC programme with full management of the supply chain. The benefit of this programme is that the customer is guaranteed seamless supply with minimal effort required. It is not necessary to purchase large quantities or be exposed to extended lead times, Tenkay offer a service where this is hidden, all the customer sees is cost reduction! Foreign exchange. In a world where economies rise & fall Tenkay have offered to sell in a variety of currencies to Edwards very welcome with our evolving regional restructuring programmes. Tenkay have proved themselves to be a very reliable, adaptable & low maintenance supplier to Edwards Ltd these last 5 years. Daniel Williams Global Commodity Manager Edwards Ltd. Case Study: Edwards Tenkay's supporting role in Edwards' journey to the Far East           

30th Jan

Stock Panels
Stock Part Number Description Quantity Revision Last Update           A15210207 Panel S0.207 6 1 02/10/2013 A15210246 Panel S0.246 0 0 02/10/2013 A15210307 Panel S0.307 6 1 02/10/2013 A15210407 Panel S0.407 3 1 02/10/2013 A15210544 Panel S0.544 4 0 02/10/2013 A15210643 Panel S0.643 6 1 02/10/2013 A15210645 Panel S0.645 0 0 02/10/2013 A15211905 Panel S1.905 0 1 02/10/2013 A15213141 Panel S3.141 2 1 02/10/2013 A15214107 Panel S4.107 2 1 02/10/2013 A15214140 Panel S4.140 8 1 02/10/2013           Total Panels In Stock 37