Printed Circuit Board Tenkay

Anthony D Parfitt

Futronics has earned a reputation for delivering the most innovative, reliable and feature rich products available in the emergency vehicle market and to the Home Office. This reputation is vital to our continued success and is something that our customers value highly and our competitors envy.

Futronics is delighted that Tenkay continues to be a totally dependable part of its close-knit supply chain. The value of Tenkay's reliable, high quality manufacturing to Futronics is measured not in terms of financial transactions, but in the growing number of positive reactions from our customers. When asked to quote MTBF figures, Futronics can confidently quote that there are virtually no failures of any of the assemblies produced by Tenkay.

Futronics would like to take this opportunity to thank Tenkay and all its staff who help to make our business the growing success that it is around the world today.

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Managing Director
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