Wire Preparation

Wire and Cable Preparation Services

Why Choose Tenkay For Wire And Cable Preparation?

With 40 years of experience, Tenkay is a leading provider of wire and cable pre-production services (Sometimes referred to as wire prep). Providing consistent, repeatable quality.

Our Quality Control processes ensure customers receive their products manufactured to comply with the recommended pull-off forces, providing long-term reliable connections.

Working to engineering standard IPC620 for all wiring assemblies and accredited to ISO9001, we provide continuity of service and quality.

Trusted Wire & Cable Preparation Service

Tenkay have been providing wire & cable pre-production services throughout it’s 40 years, we are incredibly proud to have built up a loyal customer base.

Tenkay provides dependable electronic manufacturing support to a variety of industries, including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial vacuum solutions
  • Aviation Simulation
  • Texture Analysis
  • Safety systems

Wire and Cable Preparation

Precision wire and cable preparation is integral to many assemblies. Equipped with an extensive range of automated and semi-automated plant, including tools from Schleuniger, JST, Takbro, and GLW, Tenkay can offer a range of pre-production services:

  • Stripping and Crimping
  • Cable, wire and sleeve cutting
  • Soldering and Tinning

Tenkay can work with all batch sizes and complexities. We can provide a wide range of termination options to meet your specific requirements.

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