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Andy O’Donnell

After some years of working with suppliers & subcontractors its nice to know that Tenkay are still there doing what they do well.

Improving their service & offering new ideas to customers is something I take for granted. I have been doing business with Tenkay for close to 18 years, I have got to know many of the staff & Directors during this time. Some have moved on, some are new, but a lot of them are long serving. There have been many changes over these years, most of them have had a good positive affect on our business. We like dealing with Tenkay as they are willing to listen & react quickly when they need to.

Good business is all about team work & Tenkay offer their customers the chance to join the team & get involved in making the production of products better. We see them as an extension to our own workshop.

So thanks Team, keep moving forward.

Andy O'Donnell
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