Cable Harnesses

Why Can Cable Assemblies Fail?

Cable assemblies are crucial components in many industries, from Oil & Gas to Aviation Simulation.

They ensure the seamless operation of machinery, equipment, and technology across sectors.

However, like any critical component, they are not immune to failure.

Understanding the causes of these failures is essential to mitigate risks and ensure reliability.

At Tenkay, we prioritise the integrity and durability of our cable assemblies, employing rigorous standards to prevent common failures.

Here, we delve into the reasons cable assemblies can fail and outline the meticulous measures Tenkay takes to ensure they don't.

Common Causes of Cable Assembly Failure

  1. Physical Damage

    Physical damage is a leading cause of cable assembly failure. This includes abrasion, crushing, and over-flexing, which can compromise the integrity of the wires within the assembly. Environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures or exposure to chemicals, can also exacerbate wear and tear.

  2. Improper Installation

    Improper installation can lead to undue stress on cable assemblies. Incorrect routing, bending beyond the cable's minimum bend radius, or pulling with excessive force can damage the assembly internally, leading to failures.

  3. Moisture Ingress

    Moisture is a formidable enemy of cable assemblies, particularly in environments like Oil & Gas exploration or Industrial Automation. Moisture ingress can lead to corrosion of the conductive paths, reducing the assembly's effectiveness and lifespan.

  4. Electrical Overload

    Cable assemblies are designed to handle specified electrical loads. Exceeding these limits can cause overheating, insulation breakdown, and, ultimately, failure. This is often due to incorrect specifications or unforeseen operational demands.

Tenkay's Approach to Ensuring Reliability

Rigorous Quality Control

At the heart of Tenkay Electronics' operations lies a steadfast commitment to quality that significantly reduces the risk of cable assembly failures.

Our rigorous quality control process is meticulously designed to catch and rectify any potential issues long before they reach our customers, ensuring the reliability and durability of every product that leaves our facility.

Here’s how our skilled operators help ensure quality for our clients:

  • Comprehensive Inspection and Testing Protocols: Our quality journey begins with a detailed inspection and testing of the first-off of each batch, verifying that it meets not only the dimensional requirements as per customer specifications but also the stringent IPC 620 & 610 standards. This ensures that each assembly is crafted to perfection, adhering to both our clients' expectations and industry-wide quality benchmarks.
  • Innovative Testing with the AutoMeg System: The AutoMeg Tester, a cornerstone of our testing strategy, exemplifies our approach to quality control. Beyond its fundamental testing capabilities, the AutoMeg system 'learns' each product's specifics, setting a quality benchmark every unit must meet. This not only allows for precise and consistent testing across our product range but also reassures our clients of the unmatched reliability of our cable assemblies.
  • Continuous Improvement and Client Feedback: Integral to our quality ethos is the cycle of continuous improvement. Our quality control and technical inspection processes for supplied materials and components are regularly updated to reflect internal analyses, such as FPY (First Pass Yield) data reviews and valuable client feedback. This dynamic approach enables us to refine our practices continually, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of quality assurance.

Through meticulous and rigorous quality control and a commitment to continuous innovation, Tenkay Electronics stands at the forefront of ensuring the reliability and longevity of cable assemblies.

Our dedication to delivering products that not only meet but exceed expectations is unwavering. It's this dedication that makes Tenkay Electronics a trusted partner in the demanding environments our products serve.


Cable assembly failures can significantly impact the efficiency and safety of operations across industries.

By understanding the root causes of these failures and employing stringent measures to counteract them, Tenkay can ensure the reliability and longevity of cable assemblies.

Through rigorous quality control and continuous innovation, we commit to delivering products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of the demanding environments they serve.

If your company is looking for cable assembly services, contact our team today to see how we can help.