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We’re proud to announce our new SMT line

We're proud to announce our
new SMT line

Our much-heralded new i-Pulse M20 SMT Placement Machine is now safely installed and commissioned in the Tenkay factory.

Coming all the way from Japan, our M20 arrived on Thursday, August 13.

Our new M20 Machine


There’s no doubt the weather could have been kinder to us on the day, but the little matter of a torrential downpour wasn't going to hold us back. Through a great team effort, we succeeded with the delicate process of negotiating entry to the building through a side roller-door and manoeuvred the machine safely to its permanent site.

The next morning saw the electrical installation and air-line links established. Completion of the set-up and sign-off followed on Saturday and we were able to trial our first real job that Monday, with the team receiving training throughout the day.

We have now been processing jobs for a few weeks and already have a real feel for the efficiency we are achieving. Previously running a capacity of 5,000 components per hour (cph) on our i-Pulse M4e mounting centre, with the addition of the M20 and utilising optimisation software across the two, we are already realising in excess of 18,000 cph.

Our increased efficiency and ability to handle complex PCB assemblies and board sizes, means we can improve production rates on almost any job. Contact us today for a discussion about your specific requirements. We'll be pleased to explain how we can help and arrange to show you around.