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Viable U.K. Manufacturing

Viable U.K. Manufacturing

Price sensitivity is always a key factor in any industry. Being able to pull all of the necessary disciplines together to ensure a sustained competitive manufacturing service, here in the the U.K. is another thing; but that's just what we at Tenkay Electronics continue to do, right here in Sussex.

Director, Steve Dixon explains.

An all encompassing discipline here at Tenkay is our Total supply chain management solution. This was developed to give our customers the confidence that we will take full ownership of the entire manufacturing process; from procurement of all raw materials and components through to final assembly and test.

Offering a comprehensive Turnkey manufacturing solution, Tenkay believe that we are the ideal partner when looking for an efficient, professional company to produce your electronic assemblies. Utilising an established network of manufacturers and recognised franchised distributors, Tenkay only use components that have been specified on our clients bill of material, unless we have been asked to look at other available options.

Tenkay's customer base is varied. Working within a myriad of industries over the years has resulted in Tenkay's ethos. To offer recognised "best practice" approaches and solutions. Applying our knowledge to all areas of the business, whether that be in P.C.B production, wire harnessing, loom assembly, cabinet or panel building or indeed in full electromechanical build, we will always adopt an industry "best practice" method. Lean manufacturing, something that Tenkay has been recognised by it's peers for, is a prime example of this and is something that can be adopted by any business to optimise the efficiencies of it's processes.

Currently shipping fully tested and inspected products to over 20 countries across the world including Korea, Russia, China and Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia, all from our manufacturing base here in Sussex, Tenkay also utilise production options overseas. High volume and less technically demanding cable assemblies are best suited for this route. Products that require a high degree of technical ability and dexterity are produced here in the U.K. This balance allows us to offer an extremely competitive and economical pricing structure to all of our clients.

Tenkay are certified to ISO9001, and ISO14001, and have just been awarded OHSAS18001.

Business Edge (Sussex Enterprise) Aug/Sept 2011