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Pushing the Boundaries of Testing

Pushing the Boundaries of Testing

Ensuring the highest production yield and quality standards of any product is always paramount for any manufacturer. This can sometimes prove to be a lengthy process in some areas of production, but predominantly with P.C.Bs.

Paul Barber, Quality Manager at Sussex based contract manufacturers, Tenkay Electronics.

"Functional testing will only give our engineers a general idea of the fault; we then have to proceed with more involved diagnostic checks, which as we know can be very labour intensive and not necessarily cost effective to the company."

"A part of Tenkay's ethos is to continually look at ways in which to improve our already lean manufacturing process, together with providing our clients with a higher level of quality assurance. As part of this improvement, Tenkay have just taken ownership of the XJRUNNER from XJTAG. This superb piece of testing equipment now gives Tenkay the improved technology to incorporate boundary scan testing as part of our test and inspection procedures for printed circuit boards, where JTAG enabled components have been designed in."

"Tenkay are already seeing the benefits of acquiring the XJRUNNER. The flexibility of being able to customise the tests for each JTAG enabled component for interconnecting conformance, speeds up the test and inspection process. This results in giving us better efficiencies and maintaining or improving product yield. The XJTAG system is very easy to install and is extremely user friendly, we're very pleased with the results so far."

The JTAG system is only dependant on the hardware involved, so up-dates to firmware can be performed without rewriting the test procedures. This decreases the lead time of product firmware development.

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