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One year on – A look at the impact of our new SMT line

At Tenkay Electronics, we strive to provide the best service for our customers. To do this, we invest in the latest technology to improve the quality of our offering.

For our SMD pick and place processing, we installed the new Yamaha iPulse M20 SMD placement machine for its high accuracy and adaptability. Whether we’re placing components on 1 or 10,000 PCB’s, the M20 has the most exacting technology that will achieve accuracy even with the most hard-to-place boards.

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iPulse M20 machine

In keeping with the iPulse philosophy of designing flexible, high-specification SMT placement machines, the new M20 series addresses both current and future manufacturing requirements. This will enable us to cater to future customer needs as required, while maintaining and improving existing services.

Many standard features usually associated with machines of much higher cost are included, such as controlling the downward pressure of placement, board warp detection and continuous monitoring of machine accuracy. The range of feeder bank and optional tray handling configurations also allows for very fast product turnarounds.

Since its installation, the M20 has doubled our PCB SMT output speed, whilst continuing to provide a better quality product with more placement accuracy.

The recent addition of our new PCB Engineer, Rares, has refreshed how we operate at Tenkay, and provided insight into how we might improve a number of areas within the PCB section of the business, areas such as tooling control and component storage. Rares has previous experience dealing with high volume production, and it’s this experience that has helped us to further optimise our manufacturing processes, as well as improve our efficiencies.

Now that we have more resources, the responsibility of the SMT programming has shifted to the Engineering department, which has given us more control. Furthermore, new PCB Engineering methods have been adopted throughout the PCB area, to ease the creation of production documentation, which will reduce customer queries and delays.

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