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Getting serious about Green manufacturing

Manufacturing plays a very strategic role in an organization, especially to improve performance. With rapid changes in technology, customer needs and globalization, manufacturing itself is constantly transforming and evolving. The focus is now on Green manufacturing. Recent volatility in the price of fossil fuels and global awareness about the finite nature of our resources is creating the need for a more sustainable way of how we produce and use. With the heightened focus on climate change, a transformation of mindset and positive action is now happening.

What is Green manufacturing?

There are many interpretations of green manufacturing and all convey similar meaning.

Put simply, it is the method of manufacturing that reduces its impact on the environment by minimizing waste while improving efficiency.

Manufacturers need to review their total production process, from product and process design, to development, planning and control in order to identify and manage the reduction of environmental waste, alongside maximising resource efficiency.

It seems obvious to explain that by being more efficient throughout the production process; using fewer resources, less energy and reducing waste, results in less time and money being lost, yet there are still those guilty of failing to commit to this ideal – passing the cost of this decision to their customers.

What are we doing?

Tenkay Electronics is dedicated to operating in a social responsible way and recognizes the critical importance of a sustainable environment to our global society, our economy, our business and our people. Given our position and our ongoing commitment to good corporate citizenship, Tenkay Electronics is proud to be ISO 14001 certified. Its comprehensive environmental policy and management system (EMS) provides the framework for us to continue to be an environmentally friendly corporate citizen and a leader in our community. Tenkay Electronics is committed to providing its customers with products that meet the highest standards of performance, innovation and environmental safety. Consequently, all of Tenkay’s products comply with Directive 2012/19/EU, a legislation enacted by the European Union regulating the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, or WEEE).

With customers and consumers insisting on improved quality and performance and the increasing desire to buy ‘green’ – all at a competitive price – manufacturers need to demonstrate their commitment to provide green manufacturing, or end up sidelined by the competition.

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Results are in – Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) data

The data released on Monday shows a slowing in manufacturing growth over the past few months but, surprisingly, October saw an unexpected rise in activity within the UK’s manufacturing sector, putting the UK ahead of the EU.

The Eurozone’s September manufacturing PMI figure was revised down to 50.3 – making it seriously close to the 50 point cutoff denoting expansion. The UK’s PMI was expected to drop to 51.4, but it actually rose to 53.2.