Printed Circuit Board Tenkay

A Strong Steady Pulse for Tenkay

A Strong Steady Pulse for Tenkay

Designed for low power consumption the Iemme Plus 14 convection reflow oven is a welcome addition to Tenkay's fully automated lead free P.C.B surface mount line. Replacing the Novastar 7 zone reflow oven, the Iemme Plus 14 comes complete with a 12 heating zones and 2 cooling zones.

The mid sized convection oven will sit in-line with Tenkay's Blundell Ipulse M4e, the Dek 03iX Horizon screen printer, and accompanying Nutek conveyors, magazine loading / unloading systems.

Using a Linux real time operating system in conjunction with the PID controller, the operator can monitor the temperatures in each zone, as well as being able to check the belt operating speed which is displayed on a standard LCD monitor.

With temperature zones operating at both top and bottom of the oven, any differences in thermal mass of each printed circuit board will bare no effect on the overall profile, due to the low mass design of the interior of this machine.

The ability to store up to 99 individual profiles at any one time, ensures efficient programme change overs.

Tenkay's production manager, Pauline Kelly explains the benefit for Tenkay.

"The Iemme Plus 14 came highly recommended to Tenkay. Before this oven arrived, Tenkay's previous machine only had a mesh conveyor, but now the edge pin conveyor means that we can process double sided surface mount boards without the need of setting up jigs. The Iemme also comes complete with on-board profiling and a quick power up time of around 15 minutes. The overall set up time is much quicker than before."

"Adding the Iemme Plus 14 was the final stage of up-grading our surface mount line, which consists of the DEK03iX solder screen the Ipulse M4e pick and place and now the Iemme reflow oven. This trio makes for an excellent efficient operating system, all of which have been European sourced."