Automated surface mount placement line including:-

DEK 03iX Horizon screen printer.
iPulse M20 SMT Placement Machine.
iPulse M4e SMT Placement Machine.
Iemme Plus 14. 12 heating zones 2 cooling zones reflow oven.
Capable of producing double sided P.C.Bs with components down to 0201 size.
Optical inspection station with ERSA IR550A rework station.
PVA Hand spraying conformal coating system.

Mecmesin BFG1000N Force gauge capacity to 1000 x 0.2N with accuracy of +/-0.25%
of full scale.
Range of crimp presses covering AMP, JST, TYCO MOLEX and Takbro. including  3 x Kirsten K700
AM All round cable stripper
2 x Schleuniger Power strip 9500 cable cutter and stripper.
Schleuniger CS9100 Wire cutter and stripper.
Kobera C351 wire cutter and stripper.
CCM-1200 Cable cutter.
UNIC-Z ferrule crimp press.

MKS Automeg cable tester 128 node expandable cable tester 2m Ohm accuracy with flash testing and diode checking.
Clare A433R/303J/213/AM/G Flash Earth & Insulation tester.
Clare A203D Flash tester.
Clare A433R Earth tester.

Range of electrical safety testers
Range of P.S.Us
Range of D.M.M.s
Range of Oscilloscopes
Range of Function generators
Range of I.C. Programming capabilities both in and out of circuit.
XJ Runner JTAG programmer and interface

DEK Machine In Action


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