A New Horizon

A New Horizon

Sandwiched by Nuteks’ NTE0710UL P.C.B. magazine unloaders; Tenkays’ now fully automated production line consists of the DEK03iX screen printer; the established iPulse M4e pick and place machine and Novastars’ 2000HT 7 zone convection reflow oven. Nuteks’ variable width conveyors provide the seamless transition to and from each production platform.

Pauline Kelly, Production Manager at Tenkay: ” The addition of the DEK03iX system will enhance the overall performance of our surface mount line. As an ISO14001 certified company, we are very conscious of our corporate responsibility. This system eliminates the need for chemical cleaners by using a water-soluble agent to clean the underside of the screen / foil combined with a vacuum system . The increased efficiency of this machine compared to our previous screen printer, also improves our carbon footprint when looking at power usage, overall wastage and draw on external factors when requiring chemical input.

Pauline continues, “One of the great advantages of this system is that the installation engineer will also be Tenkay’s training and service engineer. An understanding of our needs and processes are established from day one!”

So does this mean that fewer operators are required? ” Certainly not. What it actually means is that the single person operator currently looking after this line can do so more efficiently. Tenkay have been able to invest in this automated screen printer due to increased work loads. It’s a necessary piece of equipment due to our success!”

The in-line screen printer is low maintenance and comes complete with an array of standards, which include the ‘DEK Instinctiv V9’ and ‘ISCAN’, (Intelligent Scalable Control Area Network).

DEK Machine

DEK Machine

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