To help us to provide you with a quotation as quickly as possible, we need a certain amount of information.  The more you can provide, the more accurate our initial quote will be.

Bill of Material (BOM)
Clearly stating manufacturers’ part numbers or those of two very recognised distributors will get us off to a great start.

Unfortunately, providing us with only a description of the components doesn’t help as there are always multiple options available. We want to make sure that we quote for the correct components first time.

Quoting for a product is always easier if we have an idea of what it looks like. Manufacturing timings are much easier to assess, and it helps us to be accurate in our calculations.


To provide you with a quote for Printed Circuit Board population, we need a copy of your Gerber files. These will be forwarded onto our preferred bare board manufacturers who will run it through their Design for Manufacture/Fabrication system (DFM). This will immediately flag up any queries within the file, which can be highlighted at the point of quotation.

Test specification
We always prefer to be able to ship products that have been fully inspected and tested – it also helps you. If you know your product has been tested at the manufacturing site, that’s one less job for you to do.

test equipment

Specific Test Equipment
If you know that your product requires a specific piece of equipment or programme, please tell us as soon as you can.

If you can provide as much of the above as you can when you place your enquiry, we will do all that we can to return the quotation to you in a speedy manner.

Circuit Board Printing


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