Tenkay Electronics provides a complete sub-contract manufacturing service to the electronics and electrical industries.

Our range of services includes surface mount and conventional printed circuit board assemblies, cable harness assemblies, electrical panel and cabinet wiring.  We also offer complete material procurement, assembly, test and packaging.

As standard, we provide:

Value Engineering & Quality Circles

We are always pleased to enter into Value Engineering and Quality programmes.

A small committee represented by you and us, provides an effective method of communication and achieves excellence in quality alongside real cost savings.

Even if a product is still at the design stage, we can often come up with suggestions of how a design change could make production easier and more cost effective.

Account Management

Every customer is allocated an Account Manager. This gives you a personal contact and allows good communication.  Most important of all, it helps us quickly understand and react to your needs.

Tenkay Manufacturing Workers


"Pyroban have used Tenkay Electronics for over 25 years, and have always found them to be extremely innovative and flexible in their approach. They are also able to respond to… read more

Mike Phelan

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