The ISO 14001 standard is an internationally recognised standard which ensures that a business has the following:

  • Knowledge of and conformance to the appropriate Legislative and Regulatory requirements.
  • Measurement and monitoring of the Environmental Aspects & Impacts of the business.
  • Demonstrated commitment to continual improvement of its environmental effect.
  • Tenkay Electronics is certified to the ISO 14001 standard by the NQA which is accredited by UKAS.


  • Tenkay Electronics is committed to complying to both current and future legislation.
  • Tenkay Electronics is committed to continually improve its environmental affect.
  • Tenkay Electronics is committed to establishing and reviewing its environmental objectives.
  • Tenkay Electronics is committed to communicating this policy not only to its staff but also to make this policy publicly available.
  • Tenkay Electronics is committed to reducing pollution and waste not only through our own processes and functions but also with other companies and individuals in our supply chain.
  • Tenkay Electronics will use the collective strength of its employees to create and provide a better environment.
  • Tenkay Electronics will ensure its Environmental conformance by external certification to the ISO 14001 Standard.

Certificate no. E 1522


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